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Push Button Millionaire is a new binary options trading software that people want to know about so I put together my Push Button Millionaire review site!

What is Push Button Millionaire?

PBM is a binary options trading software that makes trading currency pairs much easier for the new trader because it tells you want pairs will be profitable, when to trade, and in what direction.

All you have to do is invest the amount you want in the suggested pair, click trade and you are officially a binary options trader.

The software looks at tons of factors to know when a pair will move up and down, and it gives you a time to invest.

Is the software really free?

The Push Button Millionaire software is free, but if you want to make money trading options you need to invest with a options broker.

The minimum investment is usually $200 so that is the amount you should expect to invest in your new options trading business.

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How much is each trade?

The minimum amount you can invest on each trade is $25. Once you have your $200 invested with your the broker of your choice, you will have to invest $25 per trade.

Can we make big money? Can we lose money?

Yes, you can make and lose money with binary options trading. Some people are making $300+ per day with options. You make money when :

  1. Push Button Millionaire suggests a pair and a direction it will move
  2. You invest at least $25 on that pair
  3. The pair moves up or down in your favor

If the pair moves in your favor you will make a massive payout ranking from 70%-85%. If the pair moves against you there will be potential to lose money. Unlike typical stocks there are no stop losses and you will lose your initial investment of $25.

What else is included with PBM?

There is detailed training for anyone that is new to trading options so that you can understand what options are, pairs, signals, and everything it takes to make massive profits trading online.

You can jump right into the software or you can learn all about options trading in the members area.

How to get started with Push Button Millionaire software?

  1. Click the button below
  2. Get access to the software
  3. Invest with an options broker
  4. Look for signals in the software
  5. Invest in a currency pair
  6. Make autopilot commissions
  7. Rinse and repeat

Running through all 7 of these steps will take no longer than 30 minutes and you can make your first trade in under 15 seconds once you have the software setup and your invested.



  1. Jack Beecy says:

    I went to bee 0ptions and put the last bit of money i had in there and the app did not download for me can you tell me how to load it wihout putting money in and could you send it to me again

    • admin says:

      Hey Jack,

      Here is the process for getting the software.

      1) Clear cookies
      2) Click this link
      3) Invest in the suggested options broker
      4) Download software (if no downlaod available, contact the broker’s support)
      5) Contact me with your receipt so I can send my bonus

      Make sure BeeOptions is one of the accepted brokers for the Push Button Millionaire software and be sure to invest the amount the tell you. Hope this helps you a bit and let me know other questions.

  2. Hello:

    I appreciate this review, as I am interested in this program. I’ve looked into many similar programs & done much due diligence on each. At one point recently, I sent a support email to “support@pushbuttonmillionaire.com” (PBM) & it was kicked back to my inbox, stating it could not be delivered there. Please assist me by answering the following questions: 1)Do you have another Support email address for the program? 2)Does PBM provide phone support? 3)What have been your recent experiences with this system? 4)How do these Affiliate Links work? I haven’t actually downloaded PBM with any one of them & this is the first time I’ve requested a response. Please contact me, ASAP, so I can start TODAY!!!! Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hey there,

      My email is admin at pushbuttonmillionairereview dot info, and I have not tested the support email for PBM.

      1) No, but I can find out others if necessary.
      2) The binary options brokers typically provide support. Email support is typical for software like Push Button Millionaire.
      3) I like trading options because they are fun, but I created this site to give an honest review of PBM.
      4) Affiliate links? If you want to get the PBM software all you have to do is clear cookies, click this link, invest with one of the suggest options brokers, and then download the software. Finally contact me with proof of funding at my email mentioned above to get my Push Button Millionaire bonus.

      Hope this helps and let me know other questions!

  3. Dave says:


    I just joined, opened up with $500 and yesterday completed 68 trades for the day, unfortunately I only made $30 for the day. I know I should be happy I made a profit, but I guess after the hype and testimonies I expected a little more. I had 34 winning trades and 24 losing trades, not as good as I expected either. I’m now on day two, if anyone wants to email for updates or share their own experiences please email at [edited]
    Also I have emailed them twice to see if my results are common or just a bad day/start, no reply yet.

    • admin says:

      Hey there Dave,

      Sorry to hear that but the truth is $30 per day is an extra $900 per month so I can’t feel bad for you! :P haha, but keep trading and getting the hang of expiry times and everything that will make you more money with binary options and Push Button Millionaire.

      Support has been decent so they should have contacted you by now.

      Hope this helps,

  4. Mike says:

    Good day, I have traded for on day through bee options. I invested 350 dollars, I did the Puts and Calls as it showed at the top of the screen but at the end of the day I lost 80 bucks but still have 270 dollars left in my account to invest. But I don’t think I have everything right, the program is not automated like I thought it was explained, but I have to pick the 6 or 8 options to buy. It does show the call or put suggestions, but from what it shows it automatically doing that for you day and night, mine did not do that. I want to continue with it but I wanted to make sure that I had downloaded it right or did I miss something.

    Thanks, Mike

    • admin says:

      Hey there Mike,

      As far as the automated trades day and night I think there is an automator mode but to be honest I have never tried using it because I don’t want some software playing with my money. I want to make the trades and use my human input to judge when a trade will be made.

      Focus on smaller trades at first, and use the signals from Push Button Millionaire to guide you. Get thehttp://pushbuttonmillionairereview.info/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-form hang of how the software works and how the options move. You’ll get the hang of it soon and start pulling in profitable days.


  5. A couple of questions! Why cannot we use our present brokerage house? Number 2! Why can’t PBMs respond to my queries? I tried faithfully, to reach their customer service number! Each time I was refused! I am getting the thought that this might be some “Pyramid” type system that ordinary, but highly accredited, brokerage houses will not touch with a ten foot pole, as they used to say! Does trouble lie ahead for those who get-into this system?? Thanks TOM

    • admin says:

      Hey Tom,

      1) Brokerage House – This is simple because the Push Button Millionaire software is free, but in order to be compensated for the software development, updates, etc…They need you to fund your account through a specific options broker. Sorry for any trouble here Tom, but that’s just how these software work.

      2) Support – I have heard that before from a few people and I think it must be that their email is down or something. This doesn’t make sense but I may contact CS personally and let them know this is going on.

      3) Pyramid – Kinda like the government? ;) Their the biggest pyramid scheme of all. But anyway, PBM is not a pyramid scheme. Just a newer, more exciting opportunity to invest online.

      Hope this helps,

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